Rollout of Our New Website

We're really excited to announce the launch of our new website along with ONSIGHT, our blog focused on the one thing we care about — our passion for the people, skills and honesty that go into building beautiful, well crafted homes. Summed up in three words, we call this True Craft Building

Working on the design of our website and the company's brand has been an interesting experience for us since we're used to doing and making, rather than talking about ourselves. That said, we're finding that people want to know and see what we're building — and we have stories to tell. So, with permission from our partners, architects, clients, and the team around us, we're hoping to share some of these stories with you on this blog, as well as showcasing key projects on our website. Thanks for reading and we look forward to posting more updates in the coming months. Cheers!

For our business cards, our new logo was printed using letterpress printing on heavy craft paper.