The big pour.

This is the first of two very active days where several large sections of the foundation were being poured utilizing a truck mounted boom pump and a continuous delivery of concrete by more than 80 trucks. Matters were somewhat challenging given the windy narrow lane, tight turns, and no space to turn large vehicles. That said, the team did a great job of coordinating the timing of the deliveries, each driver reversing their vehicles uphill. Reversing the 47-foot long pump truck down the hill at the end of the day—that’s another story.


First things first. Navigating a narrow lane and hairpin turn in a 47 foot long truck with a 187 foot mounted boom pump.


Nice work gentlemen.


The pour begins at the farthest most point of the foundation with the boom arm extended to its maximum reach.


The operator deftly controls the movement of the boom while keeping his eye on the supply of concrete.


The art of screeding. It’s a display of human synchronicity, camaraderie, and skill as they level the concrete, navigating pipework and other obstacles.