With more than fifty years of combined experience, premium custom home construction remains our core practice. As general contractor, we are adept at engaging with all phases of construction, from administering plans and permits, compiling teams of highly skilled contractors and consultants, through rigorous job site supervision, scheduling, tracking, and documentation.

Most of our projects take place in the Bay Area peninsula and include ground-up custom homes in rural Woodside and Portola Valley area, as well as single family homes in built-up urban environments—both location types requiring different planning and operational methods that we put in place to conform to both city and county ordinances, as well as addressing issues that impact community and neighboring residents..

We build to exacting detail across the architectural spectrum—whether it's a classic craftsman with intricate detail and specific molding types, to minimalist modern forms that requires attention to larger flat planes and continuous finishes. In addition, we can apply both our experience and knowledge when it comes to the extraordinary, such as specialized home systems, home workspaces, or home theaters and gyms.


Through our practice in premium custom home building, we also provide remodeling services focused on additions to existing structures, whole house renovation, and specific interior renovations such as kitchen and bathroom upgrades. 


Guild provides tenant improvement construction services for corporate office spaces as well as light industrial improvements and infrastructure upgrades.


The Guild Maintenance Program™ helps new and existing clients maintain their property and protect their investment by addressing minor repairs and scheduled maintenance requirements. Contact us to find out more about our custom tiered services and a program to suit your specific needs and budget.