Guild+ provides three areas of service that support and compliment your main construction project:


expect the unexpected

Guild+ On-Call
We provide service calls for our clients homes and facilities for scheduled preventative maintenance, but also for those unexpected events that occasionally happen. Whether it’s a leaky gutter or more complex issues with plumbing and heating equipment, there’s peace of mind knowing that our service personnel, with first-hand knowledge of your home, will ensure repairs and maintenance are performed correctly, by the right professionals. 


A PLUS FOR your property

Guild+ Custom Maintenance
The homes we build have unique and complex maintenance requirements to keep them running smoothly—that’s why we’ve developed one-of-a-kind service agreements for our premier custom home clients. At the close of a project, we sit down with the homeowner to develop a service plan that addresses all of the major components—from the building envelope to plumbing and heating equipment. And with scheduled inspections, a Guild+ Supervisor will provide detailed condition reports, while addressing any immediate maintenance or repair needs.


For THOSE small(er) PROJECTS


Guild+ Construction
Guild+ Construction is a resource of building professionals and technicians that support Guild+ Custom Maintenance™ and Guild+ On-Call™. In addition, the Guild+ team is dedicated to managing and executing additional construction and remodeling projects.