Every project we begin, whatever the size, starts with pre-construction planning that encompasses a thorough audit of the scope of the job. It's time well spent, since even the simplest projects require accurate assessment of resources, and an understanding of approach to the construction phase. Included in this phase is a full plan set review and permitting requirements, bringing together the full team of builder, designer, engineer and owner. It's a shared and collaborative process that gives us the roadmap to move confidently into the construction phase.


The construction phase begins once all known quantities are in place and all permitting and licenses have been obtained. Guild’s partners oversee all projects and work in the field to supervise all major installs and are always present for even the smallest, but critical details. With onsite project management and cloud-based software, Guild is able to plan and make adjustments in real-time by coordinating people and materials, make changes to design details, track progress, and manage budgets.

While success at the construction phase has a lot to do with pre-planning, we have a process of continuous engagement with key stakeholders such as architect, engineer and owner. It's a proactive and collaborative approach that ensures a positive relationship with all parties and a truly successful outcome.


For every Guild project, there is a period of transition where our job site becomes your home, and Guild will be there for the inevitable tweaks and adjustments. Where necessary, we spend time in familiarizing owners with the operation of a new home, in addition to providing our client with a fully compiled construction binder containing every important document and manual.

In addition to orientation, Guild craft builder™ offers a customized maintenance program and on-call repair services that helps ensure your home and its components are properly maintained. Read more about Guild+ Services or contact your Guild Craft Builder partner to schedule a consultation.